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Special Deals Now!  

Two for the price of 1 PLUS 1/2 price on cleaning!
January 20 and 21, 2015 only. Total including taxes and cleaning comes to $595.88

3-day package on sale now - 25% off!
January 25 - 28, 2015. Total including taxes and cleaning comes to $1134.00

If you are someone who likes to spontaneously book your holidays on discount, check back here often. We occasionally will put empty slots up for sale if they don't fill.

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Save on the Cleaning  

Full cleaning is provided upon your departure if you book 3 or more consecutive nights. Two nights or less you will be charged extra for the cleaning.

For those of you booking a 1 or 2-night stay and would like to save additional money on your vacation rental, you can opt to clean it yourself by 2 pm on the day you are scheduled for checkout. Not only does this allow you extra time to checkout on your final day but it can save the appropriate fee.

How it works: We keep your credit card on file and if the unit is not ready for the next vacation rental then you will be charged only for the cleaning that is required.

What does cleaning your own chalet involve? Regardless of whether or not you choose the full cleaning service or not, a minimum level of tidiness is expected. This includes cleaning and putting away your dishes; items returned to their place; and spills or stains cleaned up as they occur. A cleaning surcharge will be applied to the credit card on file if basic cleanliness is not met regardless of whether your booking includes full-cleaning or self-cleaning. If you wish to save money on your 1 or 2-night rental by completing the full housekeeping checklist, you will also be responsible for things like laundering the bedding and towels, remaking beds, cleaning/sweeping floors and vacuuming carpets, dusting where necessary and a thorough cleaning of the kitchen and bathrooms. In taking this option, you'll be sent a checklist to be sure that you don't miss anything. You should find hard copies at the chalet but let us know if we need to replenish the supply.

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Save 3%  

Save 3% on any of our listed rates by citing this webpage if you plan to pay by email transfer. We offer the same discount if paying by cheque when you book well in advance giving us time to wait for snail mail before the flood of enquiries begins. We save money if you don't use a credit card and we would be happy to pass that savings on to you - just ask!

What is an INTERAC Email Money Transfer?
This is our preferred method because it is timely, requires very little effort on both our parts and incurs the fewest fees. If you have an email address and an online banking password at a participating financial institution (click http://www.interac.ca/consumers/productsandservices_ol_emt_list.php to find out which are), you can send and receive money quickly and easily. Email carries the notice while the financial institutions securely transfer the money using existing payment networks.

For instructions on how to complete an INTERAC Email Money Transfer click http://www.interac.ca/consumers/productsandservices_ol_emt.php and watch the demo.

You may also send us a cheque. However, certain times of the year, particularly Christmas Break and Easter, are in high demand and your reservation is not secured until your cheque has cleared our bank account. We recommend you book very early if you wish to use this method as we cannot be responsible for Canada Post. If we receive a request for the dates you've booked and we have not yet received your payment, we will call you for a credit card authorization to secure your booking. If you fail to respond within 24 hours you may lose your booking. We reserve the right to market the unit to someone else and will destroy and return your cheque to you if we do, in fact, receive it.

Please mail the cheque to:
5273 Anderson Road
Courtenay, BC V9J 1S7

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